Brendan Prince is a graphic designer and fine artist from Rochester, New York, available for freelance projects or full-time hire. Brendan has worked with large companies, such as NBC Sports working on major campaigns for the NHL, NFL, Formula 1, and the Olympics, and small businesses developing visual identity and branding.

Brendan has also worked alongside architects and interior designers to create custom art moments and installations for WeWork spaces around the world. Much of Brendan’s fine art can be categorized as expressionism; working in high contrast with dark and bright colors.

No Walls Studio
Sr. Designer

USC Builds, 2024
Visual Identity, Rebrand

Hamilton Stern, 2023
Visual Identity, Rebrand

Twenty6, 2023
Visual Identity

Brandmint, 2023-2022
Design Director

Also Dept., 2023-2022

Rewind Beer Co., 2022
Illustration, Apparel

Roadside Flower Bar, 2022
Logo Design, Illustration

Buffalo Baloon Co., 2022
Logo Design

JOEY Restaurant Group, 2022

Local Public Eatery, 2021
Visual Identity, Rebrand

Recreo, 2021

Helms Workshop, 2020

Handsome Frank, 2020
Logo Design

Inland Boat Co., 2020
Illustration, Apparel

WeWork, 2020-2016
Art & Graphics

Card Nest, 2018

Beauty Bar 269, 2017
Logo Design

NBC Sports, 2016-2014
Marketing & Design

Beach Hockey Classic, 2015
Logo Design

Locals Only, 2015
Logo Design

Xotic Guitars, 2015
Logo Design

SIP Magazine, 2015

The Parkside Brewery, 2015
Logo Design

Esquire Magazine, 2014
Lettering for Best Bars in America

Partners + Napier, 2013-2012

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