Brendan Prince is a graphic designer and fine artist, available for freelance projects or full-time hire, based in New York City.

With an emphasis on visual identity, Brendan provides logo design, custom typography, illustration, and art solutions for clients in diverse fields, at a large or small scale, and approaches projects with an artful eye across a wide range of categories and industries.

Featured Design

Featured Art

Away, A Wave (2023)

Charcoal, Marker on Paper
18 x 24 in. (45 x 60 cm)
Rochester, New York
For Sale

Sombers (2023) (2016-2018)

Pencil on Paper
5 x 7 in. (13 x 18 cm)
New York, New York

Big Bad Birds (2022)

Acrylic on Canvas
88 x 66 in. (223 x 167 cm)
Rochester, New York